On Woman: Strong Women Vs Weak Men

                   “Only strong women marry weak men.” -Betty Davis


Performance On Stage: The article everyone has been waiting for is at hand. Before we proceed any further let us understand that, in no shape or form are we against the liberties of women, or any enslaving strategy. There is a time for everything under the sun and that includes a woman’s advancement, properly. If only we  lived in a world or illusion that could grasp such clarity. But we all know what usually starts out for good ends up being affected with a cunning dark seed, that defiles the entire tree. So is it with our women’s so-called, “liberality.” No one can deny nor looks away at their history. We can all accept it and acknowledge their misery, however, their cunning maneuvers and strategies are creating,”strong zealous women,” backed up by government at its fullest force. What started out as boredom, discontented, hell, even necessity with their everyday lives has sprung the most self-entitled girls roaming on the planet.

“Strong women,” in today’s society can rightfully fit with this definition; powerful in influence, authority, resources, or means of prevailing. These common “strong women” are most often, “liberal.” Let us not forget though, that “liberality” in America has a perverse lifestyle attached to it. These strong women are usually ingrained with a doctrine of; aggression, coarseness, authority, independence. These women abandon most feminine qualities, some even abhor their own gender. Such absurdity at it’s finest. Most likely, you find them a single parent, a divorced woman or career-driven at 30 or mid 30’s with no husband, children, and still looking for a “real man.” You find them detesting and racing against their biological time for conception, desperate, promiscuous, outspoken, seeking the right,”chemistry and man of their choice.” Since the “strong woman” is financially stable, she is on the hunt for her mate, not the hunted. She becomes the aggressor, the initiator, the conqueror and dominator of her companion esp if she makes more money.

The “strong woman’s” coarseness allows for no compromise, just pure bitchiness and dominating, emasculating, manipulation on her male counterparts. Whoever has not mastered yourself before you trust a woman, will be made into a doormat and discarded for his incompetence and weakness. When these “strong women” are matched by someone of equal or greater aggression or assholery, they label them as,”too controlling, or abusive.”These women do not realize that their fear is; submission to their male counterpart which goes against everything they have been taught in America. If you notice these “strong women” are instead prompted to go for a nice guy, or a more emotional sensitive guy. We all know the outcome of this path. These women grow tired of sensitivity, grow resentful of his effeminate ways and lack of balls. Then one night she ends up getting hammered and screwed by some criminal in the alley. Where is the weak nice guy? At home taking care of the kids or profusely wondering what his, “strong wife” is doing. Understand: In a “strong woman’s world” she calls the shots, not you. From Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks, Feminist shows like, “The View,” singers like Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Manginas like, Steve Harvey(act like a lady and think like a man) or Dr. Phil, do not help the cause but advance it. Not to mention, Barack Obama and his power-driven wife or my favorite, Hilary Clinton, who, aims at presidency, know that this “strong women” illusion will only be intensified. They will receive more back up from the government, laws bent for their will, and chaos created by their very hands. These “strong women” in that definition as our society glorifies it or reveals it, very seldom comes equipped with a set of morals, values, or obedience to her husband or boyfriend. They come with a strong passion for; dominance, authority, aggression, material worship, attention-seeking, promiscuity, befriending weak males for ego strokes, coquetry and most of all, rebellion. Once again, this is another ideology, a perverse and distortion of nature pervading our society, that not only gives them what they sow, but moves our society towards more disorder and laws. Their true victims are indeed the weak male;


The Weak Male: Weak means properly in this situation; decrepit, feeble, weakly imply a lack of strength or of good health. This weakness could be mentally, physically, morally etc. The weak male is becoming prevalent because the, “strong women” have risen and it has caused an imbalance in nature. Strong woman gets into relationship, control for the relationship occurs, break up, everyone’s pissed, dad leaves and mother raises boy. Mother then subconsciously teaches boy to be ashamed of his masculinity, to hide his aggression, to be polite and not speak his mind, get along with everyone and become a nice guy. We are all guilty of it and have all come into this experience one way or another.

“We are a generation of men raised by women.”-Tyler Durden

The problem lies in the fact that these males believe in this abhorrence, hold on to this emasculation. They believe if they embrace their masculinity, power, authority, leadership, somehow it’s wrong or unnatural. They are right, it is unnatural because of their rigorous old habit of effeminacy. We find these weak males, befriending women; accompanying them to Twilight screenings or the mall for window shopping. While, secretly within they are consumed with natural lust for their female counterparts instead of making it known and taking initiative, we find them passive. We find these weak males enslaved on being a metro-sexual with the latest fashion, groom, products, underwear, you name it all in hope to attract a woman. While, hygiene and proper grooming to be presentable are not to be overlooked, these males take it beyond it’s requirements;


You find them wearing heels at feminist events or supporting their companions at LGBT parades. It is all for approval, acceptance, validation or to fit in since these weak males cannot form an opinion of their own, by practicing honest observation. Most often these males of weak spine or emotional flutter encounter their opposite, “strong women.” These weak males get a run for their lives by these women. We find them chasing; trying to woo them with favors, gifts, money, endless compliments, apologetic remarks for the little masculinity they have left. The only places they end up are; the friend zone, the last option, the string along, the submissive emotional husband, or the divorced chump ranting on how he was screwed over on a MRA site. The strong woman and her wreck-less leadership or dominion has caused so many of these weak males to forfeit the dating scene or become a total dickhead. These weak males while trying to appease the aggressor have come out burned, emasculated, in debt, drained, and most of all running to the PUA communities for further incompetence. Except now, they get laid, however, cannot keep a relationship running still proving useless.

Who helps the weak male remain weak? Our laws and governmental system is the enforcer of this misery. Our single mothers and deadbeat feminized fathers. Our educational system ran mostly by women and soft men. We should find it no surprise, even churches are dominated by women and softened from what was once a strongly aggressive religion of Christianity. The feminizing harlot spirit of Jezebel has run its course pouring her sentimental love on our boys and men softening their hearts and filled with anger, aggression, rebellion for patriarchy in the hearts of women. Also, it does not help with all these  false love songs and love movies that a weak male would believe it to be true and how he should act. The weak male could never withstand an aggressive strong woman, she will destroy his poor soul and have him eating crumbs out of her hand. Using the power of coquetry, tease, enticing words, gifts, sexual clothing, wild and loose adventures, she lures the weak male into a web of confusion, destruction and ultimate domination.

“Frankly, My Dear, I Don’t Give A Damn”- Rhett Butler (Gone with the wind, scene where Rhett Butler gets tired of playing Scarlett’s games) 

Behind The Curtains: Before you start screaming, “sexist, women bashers, control freaks, etc” take a deep unbiased look around you. Turn on your T.V and notice the pattern and subtle influence of male bashing being broadcast on commercials, sitcoms,  music, movies, and finally the relationship between your mother and father. You will notice this plague and it’s severe effects that is causing a major division and neutralization of our genders. Our gender differences are real and it is embedded deeply into our subconscious. Understand: There is a deep subtle war in America for control and destruction of our Nation in order to rebuild it again with new ideas or laws. Constitution, family units, self-defense protection(guns), personal identity, are all being stripped down gradually while you are distracted. Everything from racial wars, class wars, gender wars, family wars, are all purposely created to destroy the unity of a nation from within. It’s all strategical war that has blindsided us. Rome, Greece, Persia, hell even the most loved, Israel have gone through the same patterns of history.When the barbarians seized the great city, they found the real men in prisons and effeminate men with women in power. One way to destroy a nation is by first, confusing the male and his power. Secondly, dividing his family unit. Third, strip his authority. Fourth, prohibit his protection. Fifth, make him a marked man. Sixth, steal his sovereignty and freedom. SO, know this is what’s going on in your war with the opposite gender since they are the main influence and trumpet sounders for your captivity. This chaos has been engineered, fabricated, and the only upper hand is knowing yourself first and your enemy, second.

Don’t depend on the enemy not coming; depend rather on being ready for him”– Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Keys To The Light: Unveiling The Dark Mask; The light of the tunnel comes first in understanding the differences in our culture between a woman of strength and a “strong woman.” Forget such terminology and when you hear it especially from a female, tread carefully like a lion. Be observant and become instantly the leader of that relationship, the dominant one. There comes a certain art with influencing and moving others in the direction you desire while making them think they are in control. This is perilous to your relationships with “strong women.” If you sense you are weak, passive, effeminate, most likely you are. Heed the warning, strip yourself of any mental weaknesses, insecurities, conquer them. Assertiveness, honesty, decisiveness, firmness, and boundaries are essential with a “strong woman.” This woman is going to test your strength until she eventually caves in and becomes submissive. However, before that time comes though where she grows tired of trying to overcome you and not be able, you will have to remain strong, mentally. While, the physical only creates an illusion. Most women take their man through a sea of trials, in order to reveal their strength and mental frame. You will notice; loose emotional swings all of sudden, sexual games, emasculating insults, trying to override your decisions or plans, being absolutely judgmental, validating you, expecting you to be submissive and worship her etc. All of this, as soon as you encounter them in small doses, destroy it. Leave no room for acceptance. This type of woman most often, no matter what career, wealth, looks, kids or whatever possesses a mind of a child, giddy, cunning. Most likely, because they have abandoned their natural roles, anything considered traditionally feminine is out the window. “Dishes, no thanks, dishwasher. Food, do not cook or know how esp for men. Laundry, yeah okay, am I your mother? Sex, well, if I am in the mood and you are a good boy! And hold it, open that door ladies go in first!” There are many reasonable, sensible, valuable women out there, a rarity of course. These women though with the right character, strength, consistency, and firmness can dominate them, make them submissive to your rightful direction and hold your place.

” I found that no man could dominate me or make me his own till I met you and for that I will never let you go.”- Anonymous Feminist Strong Woman

Understand: The odds of you meeting a “strong woman” per se are far greater here in America than anything else. Hell, even if you run into Christianity for a meek humble wife, most often some charismatic zealot female preacher has brainwashed her, hence;


Is that so? Not to excuse men for their irresponsible incompetence but the fact that women believe they are superior in all their choices and the fact that single mother’s raise more criminals, is no evidence that they can handle “grown up matters.” The only way to conquer a feminist woman or “strong woman” is to simply dominate her! Never relent, never excuse any unacceptable behavior, never compromise for absurd or ignorant suggestions. Do not allow any room  for abuse, emasculating remarks, physical violence, or her threatening to leave you if you do not submit or go her way. Remember, the only way your hands can be clean from her or anything is, if you aim for functionality and excellence in life. If you are a loser or a 30 yr old playing video games in your mother’s basement, dating a, “strong woman,” you validate everything she has seen, heard, read, about males. “They are utterly useless.” However, if you are on top of your game, fully mastered by your own governance and control, she can only be compelled to submit. If you have mastered your emotions and are like a rock to her tests you can only create a sense of awe and trust in your strength. If you can handle your life orderly, then she can only conclude, you truly know what is best. Therefore, revealing that you are a leader, or as trendy words like to put it, an “alpha.” They are men who have turned that bitchy, “strong woman,” not into weak women but women of strength. Women, who; obey rightful guidance coming by their man, who, after being tried and not being able to be overcome by her, was found true and strong. The reason they obey him is simply because; they found following him led them to real strength, peace, security, protection, fulfillment, purpose, love and most of all happiness. Last note: If you are one weak, miserable, whiny, emotional, insecure coward, purposeless, still living at home playing video games or getting high, overtly people pleasing or pleasure-seeking, metro-sexual, nightly porn jacker instead of being out talking to women or female worshiper, snap the hell out of it and get on top of your life, now!  Everything else will fall into place, like dominoes. Till next time, compatriots.

 “If you cannot master yourself and obey your own authority don’t expect others to, especially, a woman.”-Mavellian

10 thoughts on “On Woman: Strong Women Vs Weak Men

  1. Holy wow this is ridiculous. What are your qualifications to be making these assessments? You’ve done research? This is BS. Yes, I see some societal trends. No one wants a weak person, period. You speak of men. Man up then. Seems as if strong women bother you.

  2. This is a great article. I’m quite happy I grew up in a country where the families are still very strong, wives love their husbands and fathers are in the family unit. My father was very clear to show me examples of how men were denigrated in the media when I was little, and it is for this reason that I do not watch much (if at all) television. I don’t agree with Kari’s assertion (her poem about ‘Daddy’ is quite telling, though; I can agree that in a household in which a father is not there for his little girl, it is often difficult for her to cope with the realities of what a man (a real one) provides for a household, particularly if the mother is putting down the role of the male figure throughout her life, however I don’t know her personally and don’t mean to attack her); how can you ask a man to ‘man up’ while disrespecting him? By the way, I have been in a long term relationship with the love of my life (who is also from another country); I respect him and I’m not shaken if he disagrees with my opinions, because I can respect his; I absolutely adore and respect him and he does me.
    I don’t see that in the United States; the women treat men as puppies; it’s embarrassing. A relationship (or a family) is started by two people; not by one getting whatever they want while being bitter that her husband ‘doesn’t lead’ (make up your mind!). I have also seen encountered several persons (mostly foreigners) who have claimed that the relationships in the US are disastrous and that a lot of the women are unfit for marriage because they do not understand how to meet men halfway (lack of the ability to cook and clean doesn’t help, either). Stay strong and I hope that you will be a great father who raises a great family.

  3. Modern American – BIG CITY “Strong” Women (most Big City Women In General / Particularly in the Large Metro Areas along the Coasts and In Liberal States), are a problem of our time, post 1960’s Cultural Marxism/Relativism. Yes they are bitchy / they want it all / they demand and have never heard of compromise. Also whats really sad is they are so fussy over getting Mr Right (men and women, don;t come in pre-built packages like a Build it yourself computer)… they have a string of failed relationships, and when they hit 35-40 they realise they are not settled/no kids/no family, well by then honey its normally too late. Are they REALLY HAPPY? I think many are not. Our society is going against Nature. If we consistently F**k with nature, nature has a knack and in-built ability to “RESET” Itself, and that is exactly what will happen… Modern Cultural Marxism and all it entails (Including Feminism etc…) will eventually fall flat and die a natural death (AMEN!!)

    Also to the guys on this blog, don;t get depressed about American Women, they are not all that bad, just stay away from the Big Inland Ciites and Coastal Cities as 8 times out of 10, they will be a bitchy liberal lady!

    American Women are more feminine outside the big cities and also more realistic on what expect from a relationship/marriage etc… I am married to a great girl from Alabama (now working of kid number 3)… for sure miles better that all the Big City girls in NYC / Los Angeles etc…..

  4. I am witnessing an up coming generation of type 2 men. Young girls dating male BF, who act like girls and have a penis.
    I myself am a male buddy type, with boobs. (Alpha sub) Attracting weak men who need supervision, but attracted to (Strong male leadership not Assholism)
    I will forward this post, backwards lol

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