Who We Are

It does not matter how many times you have failed before or made mistakes. What matters is where you are heading. Aim to rise up, aim to shake the shackles of your delusion. The people need us now more than ever, will you give up or rise up and fight. That is to be a man, a leader, to continue moving forward and never give up, when all others have.”- Mavellian





First and foremost I would like to thank all my viewers, readers, and those who hate this site. I must be honest, I am not a writer, in fact, I hate writing. The only vehicle or instrument I could find to speak this message that burns deeply within was only through writing. We live in perilous times men. We live in times that most people are not aware of. We live in times that is going to sweep everyone who is sleeping, deluded, brainwashed into a rude awakening.


Declaration: Consider the things I have said to you for your protection, your awareness, your power. Consider my words as a trumpet or an alarm, calling you to rise up, dust yourselves off and keep moving. This life was not meant to be fair, equal, harmonious. It is a jungle, an animal kingdom. All this around us is but a distraction created by our very thought. We are creators men. We are governors, Kings, Rulers of our own domain. Let no one deceive you in regards to who we are. Remember though, this realization is not for us to become a tyrant or a dictator, but serve the needs of others. Guide the helpless, protect the weak. Becoming a man has nothing to do with size, tattoos, material, women you have slept with or any other cartoony trends. Becoming a man is a constant progress or evolution of becoming a functional, mature, adult. It is a journey of conquering your fears time and time again, admitting your mistakes and rising up again, increasing your standards, achieving your goals. It is an everyday mindset. You will never be perfect nor is there such a thing as perfection. We are aiming for progress, becoming better, rising the pyramid of our mind. This is who we are, men who aim to be the best, aim for excellence in everything we do. We will not shy away from responsibility, or leadership. We will not stop learning and increasing our awareness. We will keep moving forward no matter how tough it gets, no matter how bad the weather may storm us, we will not be defeated. We will overcome nature with our firmness, our faith in ourselves, our faith in humanity, our faith in our Creator of our own understanding. We are an invincible force immune to the opinions of others, approval of others, acceptance of others. For it all begins with us within.  We will love ourselves, respect ourselves, value ourselves, control ourselves, and bring into order everything in our lives. We fight for our freedom, for our rights, for our sovereignty, our humanity. We are men of standards, boundaries, authority, patriarchy, masculine virtues. Any challenge we will not shy away or run away from. We will use wisdom, prudence, guidance, observation and honesty for all our matters. We do not chase women, we lead them, bring them into our world under our authority. We do not become the last guy behind a long list of cock carousing by fast women. We do not submit to women but rather make them submit. It is in our nature and we will not hide it nor be ashamed of it. We speak our minds when necessary, fight when necessary, kill if necessary, war if necessary, create, invent, investigate, curious of our world, and one with it. This is how we were created, why we were created and who we are. We are brothers, fathers, sons, friends, boys and most of all men. Stand up men of the world, lift your head up, straighten your backs, and walk fearlessly into the world.


 We are men of standards, boundaries, authority, patriarchy, masculine virtues.-Mavellian


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