Epistle Of Man: On Manliness

To my fellow brothers of humanity,

I do not expect anyone to understand or care, concerning the extensive labor or strenous sacrifices made to tell you these things. The only thing I hope is that you at least pay attention and compare your surroundings with what has been said. I sound the trumpet for you my fellow man to rise up and dust yourselves off. For your sake, I am willing to be seen as a fool, mocked, outcasted from our feminist society in order that you may see a bit clearer. Some say why do you not speak for women or generalize your message. Simple, I believe if a woman follows the lead of a good sensible man instead of trying to rule him everything would go well for her as well. The manliness of a man would become an example for the household of his family. Which simply lies in the attainment of what is good for all. A woman then would be able to express goodness in her own nature which is known as, womanliness. My purpose is not to teach women how to be women but help men rise up from this decaying society. If the ship is sinking at least what we can do is save some of the few who are willing to live.

“My purpose is not to help men get laid for that is only a portion of natural life but to live as  rightful Kings in the mind.”-Mavellian

My brothers of humanity understand, once a corrupt mob rises into power there is a tendency to corrupt everything they touch. Through every use possible, media, education, celebrities, music, their corruption influences the weak-minded. One has been on the terminology of, manliness.

Manliness has been made into a show, a jest. The ignorant mob have come to believe because of their emptiness inside that it has to do with the outer. Manliness to them is how many tattoos they possess, women they have slept, how much money they have, how built in strength they have become and the absurdity of all sorts. While none of those things are wrong in it of itself it does not constitute as manliness.

“Excellence is a habit.”-Aristotle

Manliness: is excellence of character. Being the best you can be. The best and good has always been that of the attainment of virtue. Virtue means, masculine strength. Simply that. Masculine strength of heart, mind, thoughts. Possessing the virtues of: fortitude, dutifulness, courage, self-control, self-respect, honesty, self-less service, hardihood.

Therefore with this definition we can only conclude manliness is a constant motion, constant practice, an everyday journey. The moment a man stops from this journey he becomes effeminate and soft. A man could sleep with a thousand women because of his charms yet be useless in his work ethics or not even possess employment to feed his mouth. That is not manly. A man could have a million tattoos but shy away in the face of real danger to his friends or family. That is not manly. A man could have the most money but instead of spending it on bettering our world spends it on fine clothes, pretty furniture, and delicate tastes. That is not manly. The balance of the extremes is the mean, which in turn leads to virtue, which in turn leads in a man to manliness; excellence. An excellent man what can he fear, nothing. A man of excellence, what is unconquerable, nothing. A man of excellence what is, “done learning”, he never stops. A man of excellence, what is the opinion of the world to him, solely that, an opinion and completely useless. Manliness walks alone to stand up for the truth. Manliness confronts the ignorant without shame for he is far from it. Manliness only has quality women for options, remember he seeks the best, and not in looks only, for that leads to doom. Manliness does not need to lie, for he fears no one and does not hide. Manliness does not shy away from danger even though the odds are against him. Manliness faces his responsibility though he does not want to. Manliness is not afraid to correct a woman or the foolish male. Manliness is the internal state of mind of a King through pure, vigourous habit.

These men pride themselves strutting around with heads up in the air looking like a bowl of fruit loops with their matching colors, hats, gym shoes, pants halfway down their ass, displaying their shame. They try to portray manliness but it cannot be faked. If a male is in bodily years 30 years old and still walking like he was in high school, mark him in the mind as a child. Simple as that. Then we have the other extreme so soft and effeminate, delicate and fragile, beautifing their appearance. They find manliness in being kind, gentle, accomodating, sipping on their over zealous sensitivity.”Joy is what life is about and happiness in the company of female friends”. Extremes that is all it is. The means of life is what bears the most weight. The middle ground, which is narrow and difficult and only a few enter.

Romans believed manliness for them was a life of strong virtue. That manhood was the opposite of childhood. You see brothers, a child is self-centered, dependent, seeks only pleasure and avoids hardwork, giddy, fantasized about dreams and make believe. A child runs from pain and seeks relieve instead of facing it. When a boy becomes a man he leaves off his childish ways. A man becomes bold, courageous, respectful, independent and of service to others. Howbeit, there lies this compelling force to prompt us to live to a higher standard in life and makes us repel towards deficiency. The only great evil in the world is when a man is made a slave to his own destruction and willingly. Steer clear brothers, from the lies and interpetations of the world, facing your trials of character, makes us manlier men.

Turning your back on the feminist environment will make you a manlier man, will allow you to grow. Do not be surpised if you are no longer recognized, received. As you grow strong within though you will be not be understood, nevertheless, the people will grant you a seat as a leader. Reason why? Because of your manliness which their world is lacking and have destroyed with their own hands and words. You see the weak in heart need people of strength and this leads us to another mark of manlier men, humility. You will need to be humble with the weak for they are like children that need guidance to safety. A lot of males become prideful and in turn become a tyrant to the people, we must avoid such state as possible. Humility keeps you from being puffed up and keep your perspective clear. Understand, humility is not a low respect of yourself, it is the capacity to respect and learn from others.  Becoming a man has more to do with others than yourself. That is, to serve the people letting the King within manifest outwardly. You might conclude,” if I am to be of service to others, i will get hurt and burned.” That is womanish thinking, who can hurt a man but himself? Who can bring you down, but yourself? Are you not hurting yourself more with your fear of being hurt? Enough, stop being a child afraid of the dark. The only one who has power to hurt you is that who you grant it to! If you grant no one power, that is to remain manly. Do not let the fears of other children affect your inner strength, for if they weren`t cowards, they wouldn`t mind being of service to others. Therefore, still self-centered and unmanly. You will do well to strive for excellence and hold fast the course. Everything else follows.

Be awake and of strong mind until then.

“Manliness is a constant motion, strive daily, if you fall short, rise up and go at it again. Do not move your eyes from its glory. Habits form slowly and through action only. Go forward and success will be granted by nature for your perserverance.”-Mavellian

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